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Welcome to E.Y.F.C.A - USA Football Certified Club!

VISION: Enthusiasm for youth football and cheer within Eudora.

Teach age appropriate fundamentals in a structured, competitive, safe and fun setting.  Teach the athletic, and virtuous elements of this great team sport.

EYFCA provides
a structured setting for youngsters between the ages of 5 to 12.  Our volunteer based organization works to promote the game of football and cheering within Eudora because of our belief in its virtuous and athletic benefits to kids. We serve approximately 120 families, 80 boys, and 40 girls in our programs. Our coaches set goals centered on team merits and athletic fundamentals, taught in a positive environment. Our teams play in competitive divisions of football. 

Each athlete
 will spend roughly 8 hours per week with their coaches and peers, which helps build a sense of community and responsibility in the youngsters.  The program is made up of kids from all types of backgrounds, which we believe is the foundation to a positive future for kids, building a sense of self that is less centered on the individual and more centered on a team ethic and a sense of community. Our organization provides scholarships to children who qualify, providing opportunities to as many youngsters as possible. We estimate that our volunteer board, coordinators and coaches donate over 3000 hours of their personal time annually to help ensure a future for this program.  We believe in our community, children and that football is a great mechanism to enhance young lives.

COMMUNITY SERVICE activities are an important part of our club and we created 2 events in 2015 to give back to our local schools and the less fortunate.  We partnered with Eudora Schools Foundation to collect classroom supplies and donations for our local teachers.  We also partnered with the local Knights of Columbus to receive non-perishable supplies to donate to local food banks.  These gifts were collected by our players to reinforce the message of community stewardship and giving back.  In 2016 & 2017 our club organized 2 successful community service projects, "Stock the Shelves" and "Raise Your Hands for Local Teachers". Over the past 3 years, our organization has donated roughly $950 for teacher grants, 750 school supply items and over 1100 food items to local pantries/classrooms.

OUR COACHES are USA Football certified and background check approved. Safety is important to EYFCA and concussion awareness, heat hydration, and injury detection are discussed with coaches at training clinics through USA Football, and we put on our own in-house clinics to disseminate knowledge amongst our coaches.  Age appropriate fundamentals are taught and we collaborate with high school coaches to integrate our systems. 


2011 3rd Grade KVL League Champions
2012 1st Grade KVL League Champions
1st Grade KVL Superbowl Champions
2013 2nd Grade KVL League Champions
2nd Grade KVL Superbowl Runner-Up
4th Grade KVL Superbowl 3rd Place
2014 3rd Grade KVL League Champions
2015 4th Grade LYF League Champions
6th Grade LYF League Runner-Up
4th Grade LYF Toy Bowl Runner-Up
5th Grade LYF Toy Bowl Runner-Up
6th Grade LYF Toy Bowl Runner-Up
2016 3rd Grade LYF League 3rd Place
5th Grade LYF League Champions
6th Grade LYF League Runner-Up
5th Grade LYF  Toy Bowl Champions
6th Grade LYF  Toy Bowl Runner-Up
2017 1st Grade LYF Post Season Tournament 2nd Place
3rd Grade LYF League 3rd Place
4th Grade LYF League 4th Place
6th Grade LYF League Champions
6th Grade LYF  Toy Bowl Champions
20194th GradeLYF Toy Bowl Runners-Up 
 5th GradeLYF Toy Bowl Runners-up 
20205th GradeSunflower Conference Championship Runners-Up 


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